Signaling in Social Interactions:
a Multidisciplinary Approach

8-9 June 2022


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Wednesday, June 8th

9h15 Welcome and Coffee

9h30-11h30 Session 1 (Chair: Olivier Bos)
Jérôme Renault (Toulouse School of Economics, with Eilon Solan and Nicolas Vielle): Strategic Experimentation with Private Payoffs
Michael Greinecker (University of Graz, with Martin Meier and Konrad Podczeck): Sequential Equilibria in a Class of Infinite Extensive Form Games

11h30-12h00 Coffee Break

12h00-13h00 Session 2 (Chair: Xiangyu Qu)
Marcin Pęski (University of Toronto): Bargaining with Mechanisms

13h00-14h30 Lunch

14h30-16h30 Session 3 (Chair: Rida Laraki)
Takakazu Honryo (Doshisha University): Delegation in Teams
Alessandro Bonatti (MIT Sloan, with Dirk Bergemann): Data, Platforms, and Competition

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17h00-18h00 Session 4 (Chair: Guillaume Vigeral)
Olivier Gossner (Ecole Polytechnique, LSE): Rationalizable Outcomes in Games with Incomplete Information

19h30 Social Dinner

Thursday, June 9th

9h15 Coffee

9h30-11h30 Session 5 (Chair: Nikos Pnevmatikos)
Marie Laclau (HEC Paris, with Ludovic Renou and Xavier Venel): Communication on Networks and Strong Reliability
Karl Sigmund (University of Vienna, with Hannelore De Silva): Adaptive Dynamics for Signaling Games

11h30-12h00 Coffee Break

12h00-13h00 Session 6 (Chair: Matías Nuñez)
Andreas Blume (University of Arizona): Meaning in Communication Games

13h00-14h30 Lunch

14h30-16h30 Session 7 (Chair: Christina Pawlowitsch)
Sidartha Gordon (Paris Dauphine University, with Georg Nöldeke): Figures of Speech and Informative Communication
Paul Egré and Benjamin Spector (Ecole Normale Superieure, with Adèle Mortier and Steven Verheyen): On the Optimality of Vagueness: "Around," "Between," and the Gricean Maxims

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17h00-18h00 Session 8 (Chair: Olga Gorelkina)
Dimitrios Xefteris (University of Cyprus): Information Aggregation by Councils

19h00 Wine Tasting